Overlay Cuff with Natural Kingman Turquoise



Tim worked with and learned from, the late, great Chalmers Day, whose overlay technique is celebrated.

His work is in the same, impeccable tradition.

With a striking, contemporary version of traditional motifs, the overlay work on this cuff is precise, inventive, and raised above the darkened and textured, silver base.

The silverwork is impressive and decorative, but the real star of this imposing bracelet is the magnificent, natural Kingman turquoise.

One of the top, most desirable, turquoise stones of the southwestern United States, the best Kingman is noted for its brilliant blue color, which is harder and harder to come by, as the supply is dwindling.

This thick, large stone checks that coveted box, and sits high above the gleaming silver.

Its shield-shaped form echoes the shapes of the overlaid motifs.

Feathers, leaves and water signs, in simplified shapes, have a sleek, art deco look.

Blue turquoise represents the sky and water; feathers carry prayers for abundant water to the heavens, so crops will flourish.

The result is happy and healthy people, so there is good luck, as well as beauty, in this bracelet.

Wrapped around the turquoise, the chiseled bezel forms a palisade of rounded and straight shapes, like a picket fence.

Graphic drama in the silverwork, and that dazzling turquoise, make this bracelet unusually handsome – and a cherished heirloom in the future.

(The cuff shape is round, so it fits a bit larger than its measurement.)

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