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Overlay Buckle With Royston Turquoise


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A finely worked, silver overlay and chiseled design surrounds an offset Royston turquoise cabochon.

This buckle beautifully marries the artist’s well-known mastery of overlay technique to his noted skill in design, and use of top-quality stones.

Not a perfect rectangle, the slightly tapered form relates to the dynamic pattern of rain, wind and cloud signs, as well as the form of the turquoise.

Integrated into the pattern, is a small, square design that refer to the four corners of the earth, indicating that the blessing of rain and water extend everywhere.

The fine-lines etched and stamped into the piece represent falling rain.

In a tapered, organic form that harmonizes so well with the diagonal, overlaid designs, the fine, nicely figured, large Royston stone adds a beautiful touch of color, and fits right in, artistically.

Unexpected touches are the fine chiseling within the overlaid silver design, and the very restrained texturing of the inside border. That gives the piece a great deal of richness and depth.

The variety of techniques speaks to the artist’s experience; the asymmetrical but balanced design speaks to his talent.

This buckle offers a heap of artistry, remarkable workmanship and fine material – and the price is a fine deal, too.



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Royston Turquoise., Sterling Silver


2 3/4" wide x 1 7/8" high