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Overlay Buckle with Large Turquoise


REctangular buckle with overlaid and cut-out rain and wind designs. Large, kidney-shaped, natural, pale blue turquoise placed horizontally.

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Known for his meticulous silver work, and use of fine stones, this buckle is a fine example of this noted jeweler’s art.

An unusually shaped, large, natural turquoise, accents the silver. Its smooth surface, rounded shape and color of sky and water, contrasts harmoniously with the angular rain and wind shapes in the silver – and with the good-luck theme of water. Notice the regular chiseling within the buckle. Those fine lines represent falling rain.

As always, this jeweler’s silver work is exceptional: flawlessly cut out and overlaid, the base is darkened to highlight the crisply delineated, polished pattern. There is a subtle and satisfying interplay of angular, triangular and rounded forms. This gives the piece a great deal of richness and depth.

This buckle offers fine design, remarkable workmanship and a beautifully unusual turquoise stone – it is a show-stopper.



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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/4" wide x 1 7/8" high