Overlay Buckle with Dry Creek Turquoise

Peter Nelson


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An award-winning jeweler, he is known for finely done, geometric designs overlaid on silver.

This striking buckle displays that intricate silverwork, embellished by a large and splendid, natural turquoise.

The overlaid designs are reminiscent of Navajo rug patterns; they honor the artist’s mother, who was a rug weaver.

Combining texture, polish, and chiseling, the overlaid motifs form a symmetrical design that is also animated, thanks to the many diagonal lines, including the very shape of the piece – tapered horizontally.

Placed in the wider part of the buckle, a large, highly polished, but uneven, natural turquoise dominates that area.

From the Dry Creek mine in Nevada, the refined-but-rugged stone displays the creamy, pale blue color and soft cocoa-hued matrix that has made this stone very popular.

The silver pattern adroitly combines triangular and rectangular shapes.

Overlaid silver elements include stepped rain signs, angular storm cloud symbols, and delicately stamped parallel lines.

These all refer to the blessing of water, and the watery blue of the lovely stone does, too.

Expertise and artistry, in design, in workmanship, and in the unusual and beautiful turquoise, radiates from this handsome buckle.

A  belt one-inch wide will easily fit.

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