Overlay and Turquoise Bolo

Amber Carrillo


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Sister to award-winning jeweler Franklin Carrillo, this gifted jewelry artist brings her own, more lyrical style to her art.

Because she devotes most of her time to family, her output is extremely limited so we are delighted to get a new piece – especially as wonderful as this bolo.

Beautifully shaped sterling silver is sawn out by hand, and soldered onto a base darkened by acid. The resulting silhouettes form cloud, rain and wind designs in a flowing, balanced composition.

Gloriously blue teardrops of turquoise silver are startlingly vivid accents. Notice the exquisite replication of these forms and symbols on the intricate tips.

A very unusual feature is the use of twisted silver wire to connect the tips at the back; entirely hand made, on a hand-braided leather cord of equal quality to the silver work.

The body of the bolo is slightly curved, which mimics the knot of a tie – a very wearable shape and size.

Even if you have a bolo collection, you haven’t got one like this! If you don’t, this is a great one to start with. Wear it with everything from jean to dinner jackets.



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