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Everett and Mary Teller collaborate in life, and in creating their award-winning jewelry.

(It may seem every one of our artists is an award-winner, and that’s because we look for distinctively designed, and skillfully made pieces. The people who produce this sort of jewelry usually will win, or have already won, important awards. We look at the work, not the artists’ resume!)

These earrings are a variation on a popular Teller design: Sterling shields are overlaid with rain symbols on one side, while a handsome oval lapis adorns the other.

Rain and other designs follow the curve of the shield, and the oval stone echoes the gentle arc on the other side.

Antiqued and grainy-textured overlaid silver contrasts well with the deep, dark background of the base.

Well-made, with precision and balanced design, these are tailored enough to wear to work, anywhere in the world, or for anything you do, any day. Lovely as a gift, too.

PS You should know that many earrings can be converted to clips, or vice-versa; just ask us about any individual pair that strikes your fancy.

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Lapis, Sterling Silver


1 1/8" L x 3/4" W