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Overlay and Inlay Pendant on Chain


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One of the few jewelers from Isleta Pueblo, all of whom are very gifted.

Like fellow Isleta jeweler, Tim Yazzie, he combines overlay with inlay in handsome, meticulously fabricated pieces, as seen in this wonderful pendant/necklace.

Tapered in form, the silver overlay part depicts a rain symbol, with rain clouds and rainfall, below, lightning, circles of raindrops and a graceful, delicate cornstalk.

The brightly polished silver elements, and borders, stand out in gleaming precision against the darkened background.

At the bottom, beautifully inlaid stones “paint” a typical New Mexico landscape.

Stone buttes stand tall under a deep blue sky, with short desert plants, below. The rock formations are of different types of iridescent golden jaspers.

New Mexico’s signature blue sky is pictured in rich blue lapis, while the scrubby desert plants are spider web turquoise.

Note that the “chimneys” of the rock buttes are striped, as if with layered sandstones. These markings are natural to the jasper used.

The outer edge of the pendant is also darkened, and finely chiseled, for a pleasing bit of texture.

Not least, the silver chain that supports the pendant is also hand made, consisting of regular, traditional “paperclip” oval links.

In a creative difference, these links are flattened, to reflect more gleam, and to match the silver work on the pendant.

A meticulously inlaid and overlaid design that is intricate and graceful, makes a lovely, creative and colorful pendant/necklace.




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Lapis, Jaspers, Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Pendant is 3 1/4' l x 1 3/8" W | Chain is 24" L