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Overlapping Feathers Cuff


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Related to, and mentored by, celebrated silversmiths Jennifer, and the late Thomas, Curtis, Pete Johnson displays the family flair for precision and excellence in his jewelry.

This handsome bracelet combines simplicity, drama, and slightly rugged elegance.

The design is uncommon and creative: rows of tapered, feathery forms overlaid on a darkened background.

Feathers convey hopes and prayers up to the heavens, in Native tradition, so this intriguing bracelet is more than just attractive.

Polished edges contrast with the dark background, and the edges of the individual feathers.

Simple and striking, the design is equaled by the clean workmanship.

A really unique and fascinating design, in a really well-made cuff, by a recognized jeweler.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 3/8" gap | 6 7/8" all around


1" w