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Overlaid Turtle Pendant


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This major, award-winning artist is highly reputed for his precise workmanship, and the dramatic beauty of his designs,which relate to Hopi culture.

This striking turtle pendant exemplifies these qualities: the overlaid designs are crisp, the contrast with the blackened silver background is dramatic, and the theme is traditional.

Turtles live in and near water, the prized source of all life, especially on the high desert. Therefore, they are a sign of good luck – there’s water!

Rain and water signs decorate its shell, while a robust cornstalk shoots proudly up the center; the result of enough water.

Corn is the staff of life symbol for southwestern Natives, sign of good health, happiness and abundance.

So, not only is this pendant wonderfully attractive, it is a symbol of very good luck.

Intriguing, handsome, traditional, and impeccable in workmanship, this is prime Watson Honanie. Enjoy it!

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Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L including bail x 1 7/8" W