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Overlaid-Stripes Cross Earrings


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One of myriad gifted, but unsung, Navajo jewelers, Jennifer Juan has fabricated these dramatic, overlaid silver earrings, by hand.

This ancient symbol of blessing is equally a symbol of Christianity which eased the transition from Native religions, when enforced by Spanish friars, centuries ago.

In Native culture, the four-cornered cross symbolizes the spread of blessings to all four corners of the earth.

In the creative and skilled hands of this artist, the dual symbol has a strikingly contemporary impact.

The darkened silver base allows the gleaming silver “stripes”, and polished border, to stand out, literally, and figuratively, forming a spectacular, graphic design.

Slightly convex, to amplify the shimmering effect, these earrings are timeless and chic historical or religious statements – however you prefer to see them.

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Sterling Silver


1 3/8" L x 1 3/8" W