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Overlaid Spiral Clips


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Good-looking, bold, chic and flattering; these handsome earrings, like everything this gifted Silversmith (sic!) makes, is something she would, and does, wear.

So, these not just look stunning, they are comfortable, and flattering on, as well.

Overlaid silver is polished to a brilliant luster, with cleanly defined and darkened base silver, for contrast.

The design is ancient: the spiral that symbolizes the path of a river, and/or of life.

The line of the spiral is gracefully tapered to a curl at one end, and a flurry of stylized feathers, at the other.

Feathers are symbols of prayers and hopes. Water is the scarce and treasured source of life, especially on the arid Navajo land.

With a beautiful design that is more than just strikingly handsome, Debbie has adapted an ancient symbol of hope and gratitude.

Wear these with everything you own – they could become your go-to earrings.

And, for you who are still piercing-aversive, these marvelous earrings are CLIPS! (If you prefer posts, they are easily converted.)


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1 3/8" W x 1 1/2" L


Sterling Silver