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Overlaid Silver on Copper Band


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This ring is another fabulous example of the handsome, inventive work created by a couple from a Navajo enclave near Albuquerque, for a disarmingly modest price.

They specialize in using heavy-gauge copper as the base of their pieces, with beautiful silver, overlaid for contrast.

The warmly glowing copper is visually relieved by the applied silver band.

The wonderful result is a fire-and-ice look, contrasting the warmth of burnished copper with the cooly gleaming silver.

The meticulously chiseled pattern on the silver resembles an art deco design but suggests rain and a rainbow.

This outstanding band will look marvelous on whomever it fits; man, or woman.

It cannot be sized down, because of the all-over pattern, sorry.

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Copper, Sterling Silver


3/8" W