Overlaid Rug Pattern Fashion Belt


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Dan Jackson’s mother was a rug weaver; his father was a jeweler.

A prominent, award-winning jeweler himself, Dan works rug patterns on silver, thereby honoring both his parents.

This beautiful belt exhibits his artistic and technical abilities, rather spectacularly, yet it is very tasteful.

An updated version of a concho belt, it is, rather, a fashion belt, since it is has two buckles, that link together.

Each link, and both buckles, have the same overlaid, silver rug pattern, with a horizontal element in the center.

The design calms the visual aspect of the complex pattern, and also emphasizes the horizontality of the overall design.

This horizontal form is more comfortable to wear than some circular conchos of similar size.

To emulate the texture of wool yarn, the rug pattern is carefully and minutely chiseled; the textured background between these elements is slightly darkened.

The borders of each link, and some of the overlaid zig-zag lines of the pattern, are highly polished, making a striking contrast with the matte, blackened base.

In overlay work, the design is cut out of one layer of silver, superposed on top of the base layer.

It is tedious, exacting, and demanding.

With skill and artistry, Dan Jackson has combined texture, polish, and a graphic play of light, bright, and darkened silver to create this stunning Navajo rug pattern design.

It is utterly remarkable, unique to him, and remarkably beautiful.

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Leather, Sterling Silver


35" L | Buckles are 1 1/2" H x 3 1/4" L| Conchos are 1 3/8" W x 3 1/8" L