Overlaid Rug Pattern Cuff


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Dan Jackson’s mother was a rug weaver; his father was a jeweler. Their son, Dan, a prominent, award-winning jeweler, works rug patterns on silver.

This bracelet exhibits his artistic and technical abilities with splendid intricacy.

On a broad swathe of heavy-gauge silver, Dan has overlaid an intricately patterned design that resembles many, traditional Navajo rug motifs.

To emulate the texture of wool yarn, the rug pattern is carefully and minutely chiseled.

A series of stepped lozenges down the center are polished, for contrast. These are typical of oriental rugs.

These designs came to Mexico with the Spanish, who learned them from the Moors, who influenced Spanish culture for hundreds of years.

Happily, these reminded the Navajo of their stepped rain designs, and became a staple of Navajo rug weaving!

Using the tedious, demanding, overlay technique, the artist combined texture, polish, and a graphic play of light, bright and darkened silver.

This classic rug pattern design is remarkable in workmanship, and remarkably beautiful.

The cuff’s borders are plain, polished, and gleam in the light.

Inside, polished silver slips like silk over your arm.

With meticulous expertise, and a loving vision, Dan Jackson has created a splendid design that is a lasting tribute to both his mother and his father.

They would be very proud and happy; just as you will be, when wearing this dramatic bracelet.

Wear it all the time, if you like; it goes with everything from jeans to dresses.

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