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Overlaid Rain Earrings


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Award-winning Hopi silversmith Marcus Coochwykvia has been making jewelry for just about fifty years.

He credits his brother-in-law, Glen Lucas, and mentor Roy Talahaftewa, for encouraging his talent.

Still living in the Hopi village of Moenkopi, Marcus is known for his scrupulous workmanship and handsome interpretations of traditional motifs.

These graceful earrings are a beautiful example: shaped to follow the contours of the ear, and flatter the wearer, they feature the ancient stepped rain sign, at the bottom.

This angular edge gives the earrings an interesting and handsome outline.

The outer edge of the earrings is a gentle curve, which offsets the straight lines of the inner edge, and the bottom.

Cut-out sprays of rain signs, or feathers, reveal the darkened silver under the polished, overlaid top.

Delicate, feminine, and beautifully made, these are go-to earrings, perfect for everyday, and then some.

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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 1/2" W