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Overlaid Pendant with Coral


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This fine jeweler has a distinctive, award-winning, geometric overlay style of his own, inspired by his mother’s rug patterns.

In this handsome pendant, his typical angular, overlay pattern beautifully contrasts with the smooth, rounded oval of the high quality, natural red coral.

Water is the most precious element on the high desert land, and that is the theme of this pendant.

A jagged storm cloud design dominates the design, with etched, fine, diagonal, parallel lines that symbolize rainfall.

At the upper left, a stepped rain motif also end in tiny rain lines, at its bottom. There are even little etched rain lines at the four corners of the plain silver that frames the overlaid designs.

The serene red coral adds warmth in hue, and in symbolism: red is the color of the earth, out in Navajo country, and that is the yin to the storm clouds’ yang.

Gleaming, agitated silver elements show up against the darkened background, while the glowing coral seems to radiate tranquility.

Beautifully made, and designed, the fine coral and flawless silver work together create a finely proportioned, outstanding pendant.

PS There is a beautifully compatible ring, by the same artist, elsewhere on this website. Together, a stunning, but tasteful, ensemble.


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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2" L including bail x 1" W