Overlaid, Open-Work and Stamped Silver Cuff

Peter Nelson


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Peter Nelson is a highly reputed, award-winning jeweler, known for fine, overlaid geometric designs, in silver.

Here, he has pulled out several technical stops; this cuff is overlaid, hand-stamped, and has open-work areas, as well!

Yet, it has a handsome integrity of design, featuring various rain and water symbols, with a stamped, Navajo rug pattern, at each end.

Moreover, the width is in two levels, with the wider, overlaid and stamped band at the front, and narrower ends.

A narrow band, across the front of the cuff, displays a band of stylized stepped motifs, signifying rainfall.

This is punctuated with little, open circles, symbolizing raindrops.

The wider, overlaid design also depicts stepped rain motifs, together with angled spirals that represent storm clouds and running water.

Here, too, are a few open-spaced areas, along with some textures, and some minuscule chiseled elements.

The chiseled borders, and most of the silver gleam with a high polish – even the short sides of this main area, which is delicately stamped, as well.

Narrower ends curve around the wrist and show a dainty, hand-stamped rug-like design on each.

High quality, of design, as well as workmanship, radiates from this complex, but tasteful, cuff.

The many watery motifs reflect very good luck, as well as very good looks.

All silver, it will go with everything you wear, and even will stack with other bracelets if you wish.

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