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Overlaid Mudhead Ring


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Until eye problems, and the theft of his tools, affected his work, Bob Sekakuku was one of the finest traditional overlay jewelers from Hopi.

We were delighted to rediscover this ring, recently. The dancing Mudhead it portrays is full of charm and movement.

Every detail of the figure is accurate and crisply delineated.

One foot is raised, the ties on his head are waving as he dances, and his scarf and kilt are clearly made of fabric, as they crease with his movements.

The oval form of the ring harmonizes with all the rounded shapes in the figure, a subtle, but important, artistic decision.

The shank of the ring is solid, and shaped, to provide support, without excessive width.

It is chiseled at the back, a nice additional little detail, and has a space on either side of the face, for ventilated comfort.

An eye-catching ring, with beautiful and flattering proportions, by a masterful jeweler.


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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 3/4


1 1/2" L