Overlaid Good Luck Clips

Joeph Coriz


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Joseph Coriz has a favorite style, and it is supremely worth repeating: he overlays and appliques scenes of Pueblo life and lore on sterling silver.

Here is a pair of lovely earrings, whose theme is great good luck.

These marvelous earrings depict cornstalks, synonymous with health, happiness, and prosperity, in Native lore.

The individual elements are charmingly simplified, but details are precise, and the effect is almost like dense embroidery, as the polished silver components gleam against the darkened background.

To emphasize the good luck symbolized in the design, a row of waves flows across the bottom.

Water is wonderful luck, in the dry southwest, and of, course nourishes happy crops.

The cornstalks stand proudly within a double frame of polished silver, with the rounded water signs, beneath.

The decorative design is joined to expert workmanship in these ultra-wearable earrings.

Suitable for work, and every other occasion, they have a hidden surprise- they are clips!

A boon to the pierced-averse, they can also be changed into posts, if you wish, so everyone can be delighted with these beautiful – and beautifully made – earrings.

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