Overlaid Four Direction Earrings


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Arland Ben is a name synonymous with excellence.  Known for his beautifully overlaid pieces, his mixture of gold and silver, and his precision and attention to detail, he is widely collected, and deservedly so.

These beautiful earrings are an example of his more restrained design.  Each earring is formed into a beautiful square cross with arrows pointing in all four directions carefully overlaid within its borders.

The square cross, sometimes referred to as a star, is the symbol of the four directions.  The Navajo define their homeland as the area between four sacred mountains in each direction, and within those four directions, sacred things happen.  This idea is amplified with the placement of the arrows, also a symbol of direction.

These Four Direction Earrings may appear simple, but their meaning shines brightly through the exacting detail and craftsmanship.

Not too heavy to wear often, these will certainly be a favorite in your collection!

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Sterling Silver