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Overlaid Abundance Earrings


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Earrings that are designed with creativity, executed with finesse, and are intriguingly different, just what is expected from this younger jeweler.

He has the right genes; grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, son of award-winning jeweler Jolene Eustace, and related to other, well-known Eustace artists.

These dangles are beautifully made: the overlay designs are crisp and clean, delicate and decorative, and full of traditional meaning.

Corn is the staff of life, for Natives in the southwest; enough to eat means happiness, good health and prosperity.

Above the cornstalks are rainbow and stepped rain signs, with parallel lines that symbolize rainfall. – good luck in the desert.

Four-pointed stars represent the four corners of the earth, to where this good luck and abundance is hoped to extend.

Flattering, handsome and with a happy message, by this latest generation jeweler of a famous family.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/8" L x 3/4" W