Oval Sugilite Bracelet


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Albert signs the pieces, but both Lee brothers collaborate on their superbly crafted jewelry.

This modern twist on a classic style showcases the exquisite workmanship, exceptionally heavy silver, and magnificent stones, they are known for.

Hefty silver, beautifully formed, sets off the superlative, large, natural purple sugilite stone.

Beautifully cut into a graceful oval, the royal purple stone is set on the horizontal, to harmonize with the width of the silver cuff.

Polished to a beautiful luster, the gorgeous sugilite has the rich depth of velvet.

Designed to set off the spectacular stone, the silver is, nonetheless, carefully fabricated with lovely detail.

Rounded on the front, the cuff is less so on the interior, with splayed and flattened ends to fit the shape of the wrist.

Silver wire is wrapped around parts of the cuff, adding a little textural interest. A dome of silver flanks each side of the splendid stone, with a  row of wire “stripes” next to each one.

Deliberately simple, but far from plain, this cuff radiates luxury, refinement and restrained opulence.

It easily fits in with all sorts of activities and outfits, from the most casual to quite formal, and all the permutations in between.

Speak softly, and wear this fabulous bracelet:  It will communicate gloriously, without words.

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Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 5/8"


Stone is 3/4" W x 1 1/8" L | Cuff is 1/4" W