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Oval Needlepoint Earrings


Dainty ovals of blue turquoise needlepoint posts. Artist listed as EDC; Zuni work.

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Exquisite workmanship in dainty ovals of classic needlepoint turquoise “stitches” set in sterling silver. A traditional and astonishingly beautiful style.

Each sliver of turquoise has been cut by hand, and not only seems as slender as a sewn stitch, but is also curved – takes a lot of experience, skill and talent. The turquoise is the lovely blue of Sleeping Beauty, long beloved by the Zuni lapidary artists for resembling the clear blue sky. Each individually cut stone is set – also by hand – in sterling silver.

Teeny tiny domes of polished sterling silver gleam between each stone, and a minuscule twist of silver forms the rope bezel around the center turquoise. The rest of the silver background is darkened, so the turquoise and polished elements stand out like a magical starburst.

The beauty of these lovely ovals lies in their delicacy, as compared to the more audacious allure of larger, round, turquoise cluster earrings, also a Zuni staple. With precision, perfect proportion, and a judicious blend of glitter and matte silver, the miniature snippets of curved turquoise complete a pair of breathtaking earrings, for those who prefer their treasures to whisper, rather than shout.

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1" long x 1/2" wide