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Oval Micaceous Jar


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Acclaimed as a teacher of pottery, as well as a potter, and now designated an official “Local Treasure”, this artist usually creates with the mica-flecked clay of her native Taos Pueblo area. This vase, or jar, is a fine example of her traditional techniques and contemporary flair. Without any ornamentation, the graceful oval form reveals itself as a continuous, subtle curve.

Naked simplicity is the most difficult to achieve, since there is no covering up any slips of the hand. This classic shape is perfect – monumental in its beautiful proportions and finish. Entirely traditional in execution, from gathering the clay, onward.The micaceous clay sparkles gently in the light. With purity of form and total simplicity, this piece is compellingly serene.

Natural Micaceous Clay

Height: 5″ Diameter: 4″