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Oval Jadeite Pendant


Notched, darkened and textured, silver oval, pointed at top and bottom. Slightly concave; dark green jade in wrapped bezel set on notched, narrow border over the larger background silver. 3 gold dots at bottom right.

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A third generation of Eustace jewelers, Kali maintains the heavily textured silver style of her mother, award-winning Jolene Eustace. This pendant demonstrates an alluring combination of ruggedness and grace.

The pointed oval is slightly concave, so it captures the light at the edges. This allows the darkened silver to gleam with a pewter luster, and the graduated gold dots to glitter warmly. The notched edges and overlapping wrapped bezel give the piece even more visual interest.

Dark green jade is centered, with a rounded oval form. The deep hue of the stone, which has a subtle marbled look, against the rough-hewn silver gives the pendant an archaic look. It might have been worn by a high-born medieval lady, despite being as new as yesterday. Feel like a princess on a commoner budget!

The integrated bail allows you to slip it on a narrow collar, heishi, chain, tiny beads, or a cord.

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Gold, Jade, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" long x 1 1/16" wide, Stone is 7/8" long x 5/8" wide