Oval Dangles with Turquoise


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One of the younger silversmiths whose creativity is bringing tradition into the 21st century, Michael uses time-tried materials and techniques to create modern designs.

He is a second-generation jeweler, and has earned heaps of prizes.

These beautiful earrings are tufa cast. Tufa cast silver is usually grainy and rugged; these earrings are elegant and refined. How come? Talent and skill.

He probably picked an especially fine-grained kind of tufa (a naturally compressed volcanic sand, that is very crumbly), and then worked the rough-edged cast to this immaculate finish.

The play of ovals that make up the design, is remarkably graceful; that is the gift of artistic vision.

To “see” in the mind’s eye, the most visually appealing shapes and proportions, is where talent comes in.

Accenting the glittering silver ovals is a pair of superb, natural Morenci turquoise stones – also oval.

Displaying the strikingly rich blue and touch of pyrite (fool’s gold) matrix, that is a hallmark of the finest Morenci, the turquoise stones seem to glow with intense color.

Glistening silver looks as if it was drenched with water; blue turquoise is the color of water and sky.

Together, they express one of the most powerful symbols n southwestern Native culture: the hope, need, and gratitude for enough water to nourish humans and crops.

From a vision of graceful forms, to scrupulously skilled silver work, to the choice of premium quality turquoise, these earrings are simply perfection.

Lovely to look at, lovely to wear – everywhere, and with everything.

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