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Oval Bisbee Turquoise Ring


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A world-wide reputation based on flawless work, splendid design, and superb stones: that is why Marco’s award-winning work is so highly prized.

Beautiful stones, beautiful workmanship, beautiful design; all hallmarks of this noted artist’s work, all present in this splendid ring.

Connoisseurs of turquoise know that high-grade, natural Bisbee turquoise is as rare as it is beautiful and coveted.

It is among the top five most desired, and hardest to find, American turquoise stones.

The splendid, oval turquoise in this ring is first quality, showing both the incomparably rich blue of the best Bisbee, as well as the characteristic maroon matrix.

Nice and thick, it is a premium example of this legendary stone from a played-out mine in Arizona.

Surrounding the shadowbox setting of the turquoise, the frame of silver petals or feathers is meticulously chiseled; narrower along the sides, and wider at top and bottom, emphasizing the outwardly curved shape.

This convex shape adds depth and luminous gleam to the silver. Similar, but simpler, fans of incised lines decorate the shank of the ring.

A deep red, natural coral cabochon dots the top and bottom center of the silver surround, keeping to the tradition of blue for the sky and water, and red for the land .

This integration of Nature is the Navajo ideal.

The play of ovals, lines, and the gorgeous stone, is harmonious; each element stands out, but also works with the others to form a gorgeous whole.

This is a stunning ring, carefully designed by a master jeweler to set off that magnificent turquoise stone.

It can be sized up or down, somewhat.


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7 1/4


1 1/2"




Bisbee Turquoise, Natural Coral, Sterling Silver