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“Outdoor Night Fire” Pastel


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Highly reputed and widely collected as an award-winning painter in the Impressionist style, this son of a Navajo Code Talker (who are famous for thwarting Japanese Intelligence in WWII, thereby helping to win the war) is as highly reputed for his finely crafted jewelry.

This lovely piece of art is neither painting nor jewelry, but a beautifully detailed pastel. With its wonderful feel of the silence and space of night out on the reservation, this work is definitely a mood piece.

The tiny human form tending his fire is almost dwarfed by the vast sky and monumental rock forms. The warmth of the fire is conveyed by the contained area of reds, orange and gold, glowing against the surrounding dark blues and greys of the moonlit landscape.

Like a vision, the figure’s white horse grazes nearby. In the distance, a row of bushy trees signals a creek, or other waterway.

The starry sky looms overhead, and the sense of man as a minute part of Nature is very evident.

Confidently manipulated pastel, a notoriously difficult medium, results in a beautifully serene piece. The artist has depicted the serene immensity of the world, warmed by the spark of humanity.

Custom framed, and ready to bring this “mood indigo” to your home.

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Custom Frame and Matte, Glass, Paper, Pastels


16 1/4" high x 20 1/4" wide Framed, Image itself is 11 1/2" high x 15 1/2" wide