Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant

Roland Brady


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This most unique jewelry artist lives in the Monument Valley area of the Navajo Nation and helps his mother herd her sheep.

He also works as a production assistant, jeep guide, location scout, and even occasional acting talent, for the frequent film projects that come to this breathtaking, but desolate, area.

In between, he fabricates some of the most unusual, meticulously made, and remarkable jewelry seen anywhere.

Roland is interested in learning about religions of the world, and in turn, he occasionally fabricates pieces based on his thorough research.

This pendant, an amazing work of art, is a reference to a Catholic account of a Marian apparition appearing in the 1530s.

The original depicts a pregnant woman, eyes downcast, hands clasped in prayer, clothed in a tunic robe covered by a cerulean mantle with a sash, emblazoned with eight-point stars; eclipsing a blazing sun while standing atop a darkened crescent moon, a cherubic angel carrying her train.

As you can see, Roland has captured the details quite well, though he’s taken some liberties, most notably the 14k gold heart placed over the praying hands of the woman.

The overriding theme is love, which is not only depicted by the gold heart but the surrounding “barbed-wire” style heart-shaped frame.

The most amazing part of Roland’s work is that he uses only hand tools, and only what he can carry with him. No power or electricity of any kind.

We are always pleasantly surprised to see what he brings to the gallery, and this is no exception.

This is a deeply personal piece for just the right person, and an heirloom to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation.

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