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Orthoceras Fossilized Marble Wolf Fetish


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Abby is a member of two of the most honored fetish carving families in Zuni. She keeps to the old, abstract style of carving, where a found stone resembles a particular animal without realistic detail.

The wolf is the Guardian of the East, and a powerful hunting and protective fetish animal. This little wolf is carved from a marvelously unusual stone – marble, with a pre-historic fossil visible within it.

Look at the side of the wolf, and you will notice a tubular form, with segmented lines within it. That is a fossil of orthoceras: a kind of early sea snail, now extinct, that flourished 400 million years ago.

With his blue turquoise eyes and sleekly polished body, this wolf will keep your home safe and help you find lots of meat.

A traditional fetish, carved into a very special stone.



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Natural Orthoceras Fossil Marble, Turquoise


2 1/4" W x 1" H x 1/2" deep