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Original “Sippy Cup Ceremony” Painting


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Master cartoonist, filmmaker, artist, teacher and stand-up comic, Ricardo Cate is also a serious participant in his Pueblo culture.

It was said of his work, “Cate hits on the irony native people feel and express in humor.”

His original cartoon paintings are colorful, delightful, and timeless – like this new one.

Here, his generic Native is about to have a ceremony of reconciliation with the generic, blond, white cavalry soldier.

Over the ceremonial fire, the Native offers a toddler’s sippy cup, since he can’t find the traditional gourd.

This is amusingly ridiculous, but also hints at the loss of tradition among younger generations of Natives, and also at Natives’ enduring ingenuity.

Serious thoughts portrayed to evoke smiles, time after time.

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10" W x 8" H


Acrylic Paint, Canvas