Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings


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This accomplished jeweler enjoys inlaying beautiful stones, beautifully. These brilliant little earrings are an example of his award-winning skill and artistry.

Dainty in size (tops are 1/2″w; dangles are 1/4″ w at the bottom), but bold in design, these are a wonderful pair for you who prefer small earrings, but like them vibrant, saucy, noticeable, and visible to the naked eye. The orange spiny oyster shell blazes against the inky black jet, while accents of iridescent opal add glitter.

The inlay work is precise, silky-smooth and geometric is form. The dangles are shaped like feathers, while the variations in the spiny oyster shell are less apparent in real life than under the clinical photography lights. Demure in size, but with emphatic color contrast and sparkling opals, there is nothing shy about these earrings. “Look at me”, they whisper, and people will look at YOU.

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1 5/8"



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