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Orange Alabaster Bear with Red Feathers


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This artist is magisterial in talent as well as height, and is known for paintings and sculpture, but especially for his sculptural fetish bears. Following tradition, the form is suggested, rather than detailed. The result is abstract and seemingly contemporary.

An explosion of natural red parrot feathers, anchored visually by the darker pheasant plumes, is a permanent bouquet of brilliant color. THe fluffy forms soften the stone. A couple of turquoise nuggets and several pieces of shell decorate the medicine bundle.

Feathers traditionally are thought to carry prayers up to the heavens; this bear will bring you his strength, intelligence, and protection, while adorning your shelf or tabletop.



**Depth and Height include feathers Width: 3 3/4″ Height: 3 7/8″ Depth: 4 1/2″