Openwork Cast Ring with Turquoise



Named (along with her husband, super-sculptor Joe Cajero, Jr) a Living Treasure, her pieces are always particularly graceful and understated.

She uses the finest quality stones – just look at this brilliant natural turquoise – and pays attention to detail, so that all the parts create a beautiful whole.

Her favorite method of casting silver from natural cuttlebone results in that handsome, textured rib effect.

The texture of repeated curved lines, recalls the sands at the bottom of a river, washed into a similar pattern by the movement of the water.

Water is a symbol of particularly good luck, in the high desert.

The shank begins as a double bar, separated with open space (this is more comfortable to wear), then is fused in the back.

In front, it supports a large, gorgeous, natural Blue Gem turquoise oblong/oval.

This superb stone is a rich, deep teal blue/green, almost resembling jade in its dense hue.

It is supported by a broad, hand-cut bezel whose deeply cut lines echo the cuttlebone texture of the shank.

Every element of the design is crisp and cleanly finished, as befits a “Living Treasure’s” work.

The silver complements but never outshines, the magnificent turquoise stone.

With an exceptional turquoise stone, and assured, individual style, this ring is modern, elegant – but not formal – and beautiful in every way.

It looks flawlessly simple and fresh now, with that splendid stone, and will do so far into the future.

A treasure by a Living Treasure!

Additional information


Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/4


Stone is 3/4" L x 1/2" W | Shank is 3/8" W