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Opal and Turquoise Dangles


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He was voted Indian Artist of the Year, by peers, and awarded many other honors, through the years.

This amazing jeweler is known for the very best materials in elegant designs, with impeccable execution.

His has discovered a secret way of inlaying magnificent stones, in a way that others try to replicate but come up short, trying.

Here are exquisite little earrings, with glorious natural opals and natural turquoise, to prove the point.

Every bit is hand executed, from the impeccable, simple silver bezel and perfectly round top, to the gorgeous stones.

Fiery, Australian opals flash green and red, cut and set on the diagonal.

Streaking between the two opals is a band of luscious, deep teal, natural turquoise.

There are barely perceptible lines of 14-karat gold on the sides of the turquoise. How the gold and the stones are set, is the artist’s secret.

Dainty, delicate but dazzling, these dangles are understated magnificence, by a superb artist.

And, that name, Naveek? His mother was NAVajo and his father was grEEK!

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14k Gold, Opal, Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2" L x 3/8" W