Older Footed Basket

Unknown Artist


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This is an unusual basket, of some age. It is traditionally made – by hand, of course –  coiled of dried yucca leaves.

Black sunflower seeds, native to the southwest form millennia, are used for dark red, as well as black, for instance.

The particular style of this basket is uncommon because it stands on a low, footed pedestal, with a corresponding bowl form, in the center.

This form may be used to contain cornmeal, or other ceremonial materials, traditionally.

The design is an abstraction of a kachina figure (the most sought-after design): eagle feathers encircle the head, in a tablita, or headdress, then there is the round head, and a multi-colored robe, fanning out at the bottom.

The age is uncertain, but it probably dates from the 1980s-1990s, as there is some natural fading on the front, but not a great amount.

The colors and design are very pleasing, and the departure from the more usual plaque form makes this basket even more special.

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