Old-Style Turquoise and Coral Ring


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Nakaii is a late bloomer to the art world.  After falling in love with the arts in his twenties, he took a long hiatus to pursue a different career choice, but after more than 50 years away from it, the art called him back.

Talented with pen and ink, as well as scratchboards, this versatile artist is also a wonderful jeweler!

Living off the beaten path in Alaska with his wife, who is also an artist, materials are hard to come by, so every bit of sterling silver that he uses has been melted down from scraps and re-formed to make his beautiful creations.

In this beautiful ring, he has handmade the toothed bezels for each stone, as well as the sterling silver drops that adorn either side of the stones, as well as the channel between them.

The colors of the turquoise and coral cabochons play nicely against each other and are a combination that is seen often in Southwestern decor.  Here, the blue symbolizes the sky, and water, and the red symbolizes the earth. The ring serves as the whole, earth and sky, water and land.

Done in an “old pawn” style, this ring gives off the vintage vibe without the price tag that often comes with vintage pieces!

This ring is extremely wearable, and will make the perfect accessory to any wardrobe!

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Dimensions of Face

1 1/8" L x 3/4" W


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