Old-Style Pendant with Bisbee Turquoise


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An amazingly versatile, perennial award-winner who has been teacher and mentor to many gifted silversmiths, this artist is deeply grateful for his God-given talent.

Collectors all over the world clamor for Tommy Jackson jewelry, and this pendant is a fine example of his appeal.

Expect precise silver work; visually alluring design; beautiful finish to the silver as well as the stones; first-rate, fabulous, natural stones.

All boxes checked in this pendant, and then some.

Two things make this piece beautifully different: the elaborate and decorative silver work, and the splendiferous, magnificent, natural Bisbee turquoise that is the centerpiece.

Bisbee is one of the most precious and coveted of all Southwestern turquoise stones.

Known for its brilliant blue hue, and rich, maroon matrix, it was always sought-after, and more so now, since the mine has been played out.

Tommy turned from his vaunted inlay technique, not daring to cut up this exceptionally large and handsome stone.

Instead, he centered it in a vintage-style silver setting, with a chiseled bezel surrounded by a rope of twisted silver.

Then, he sandwiched two layers of silver and cut out the edges, decorating the top layer with complex, deep and crisp stamp work.

A flurry of curved scallops and eyelash arcs, interspersed with tiny silver circles, creates a sumptuous design that looks old-fashioned.

To allow the fabulous turquoise to be in the spotlight, the silver work is lightly brushed, for an antique finish, conforming to the complexity of the design.

The flat bail, broad enough to slip over silver beads, or any number of strands of heishi, for example, is stamped to harmonize with the pendant, but not to compete with the stone.

Opulent and traditional in appearance, the pendant is a creative design of the artist’s, and the precious stone is beyond glorious.

A contemporary heirloom, easily worn with casual, work, and special-occasion clothing, so it amortizes quickly.

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