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Old Morenci Turquoise Buckle


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Acclaimed for his artistry and his skill, this artist uses only the highest quality stones as is evident this magnificent buckle.

A trio of irreplaceable, natural Morenci turquoise, in their original nugget forms, line up on reticulated, and slightly darkened, silver.

Flanking the central row, two slender ovals of raised and rounded, polished silver have stamped edges that seem to replicate the boldly toothed bezels on the stones.

The exceptional and precious stones are old ones that the artist has been guarding for years, waiting for the right placement.

They are all the gorgeous, vivid blue that the best, natural Morenci turquoise is known for.

Each turquoise nugget is laced with trails of matrix, including the fool’s gold that also characterizes the finest turquoise from this mine.

Arland has arranged the matching stones so that they form a graceful pattern of ovals, and a few rounds.

The largest stone, in the center, has a sturdy bezel of 14-karat gold, to reflect the gleaming bits of golden matrix in the turquoise around it.

Unusually heavy-gauge silver forms the background for these splendid stones, and the working parts on the back are also hand made, of robust silver.

In accordance with Navajo cultural beliefs, there is a graceful, hand stamped design on the back of the buckle.

This relates to the prayer that there might be “beauty all around you”, inside, as well as outside, and in every direction.

The stamped design points to the four geographic directions, so that beauty will follow you wherever the buckle takes you.

This buckle is remarkable, in the rarity and quality of the turquoise, the heft of the silver, and the meticulous workmanship that brought the handsome design to reality.

Arland Ben is a major name in contemporary Native jewelry, as his many awards attest. This buckle is a major piece, destined to be cherished for generations.

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14k Gold, Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3" W x 2" H