Old Dine-Style Stacker


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This young jeweler is fast becoming a favorite. His father, Gene, is well-known for his vintage designs and was Gabe’s main teacher.

Judging by this handsome bracelet, it is apparent that he has learned all he needs to know!

Heavy gauge silver is adorned with a variety of harmonious designs that follow and enhance its graceful curve.

Stamped, appliqued, darkened, and polished, this striking cuff was hammered out of ingot silver.

Rather than a sheet of silver, this cuff started as a silver brick that was pounded into its present thickness and ornamented.

This technique is now uncommon, and very labor-intensive, requiring brute strength as well as artistic vision.

The luxuriant ornamentation is balanced, repetitive, remarkably handsome, and lively.

Starting with the outer edges, the cuff is shaped into scallops that are visually reinforced by darkened stamping just below and above them.

Then, a row of partially polished shapes, that glisten against the flat black background.

Mixed in, and following the curve of the bracelet’s shape, are a few beautifully formed, fluted half-beads, resembling a garland of flowers – tiny, sparkling chrysanthemums, maybe.

With recurrent scalloped forms, a beautiful balance of darkened and polished silver, and a luxurious heft for its size, this bracelet is extraordinary.

With a  nod to the past, in material, design elements and techniques, the artist has fashioned a bracelet that is very much in tune with today’s esthetic!



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