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Oil Slick Round Olla


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Tirelessly searching and experimenting, this young artist alludes to tradition in his work, but never makes the expected.

In fact, he is creating some new traditions, as in the carbon trap technique used in this vase.

The luminous background, subtly striped in soft colors, is a refinement of a firing “accident”!

Once the potter noticed the interesting result, he began to do it deliberately.

Now perfected, this technique emphasizes the beautifully formed, globular shape of the piece, with irregular, organic stripes.

The subtly warm golds and soft greys combine with the pure white clay for a serene and sophisticated look.

As in ages past, he gathered, mixed, coiled, and smoothed the clay by hand, firing it in the ground.

The traditional round olla form proclaims its contemporary birth with an asymmetrical rim, as well as with the organically flowing ribbons that are the only decoration.

Pure form and pure creativity, lead to pristine, timeless beauty.


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Handmade Clay | Oil


6" H x 8" diameter