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Ogre Woman Mini- Kachina


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This wonderful artist is known for kachinas carved with great delicacy, grace and precision. This little version of the Hopi Ogre Woman is a delightful example.

Soyuk Wuhti, (her Hopi name) is a kind of bogeyman, supposed to chase little children and eat them up.

In this piece, she is more endearing than frightening, but all the traditional features are accurately portrayed: her bug eyes, long red tongue, beard and long hair, the staff or club she carries, etc. Everything is precisely and delicately detailed.

This carving is lovely to look at from the back, as well. Her blanket is blowing gracefully in the breeze as she runs; her hair is fanned out in a handsome pattern.

And in the front, her hands are amazingly well-formed, every finger showing.  One foot raised as she runs, her red sash is also moving with her.

A bracelet graces each wrist, her black dress is embroidered colorfully at the hem, and her moccasins are wrapped leather.

Every little detail is traditional, accurately portrayed, and beautifully carved and finished. This little gem is small in size – perfect for display in tight places, by the way – but exhibits enormous artistry and skill.

Delightful, rather than scary, this little carving will bring lots of smiles to your home.

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