Ocean Life Pendant


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This highly respected, award-winning jeweler was mentored by some of the best: Raynard Scott, Norbert Peshlakai, and the late Gibson Nez.

Now, although living in the desert, this creative jeweler has made a piece that depicts underwater plants!

The undulating forms echo the round shape of the pendant itself.

An adroitly chiseled and stamped pattern of textures suggests various types of sea life.

Almost art nouveau in their coiling sinuosity, the serpentine forms give the illusion of movement; you can almost feel the water moving through underwater sea plants and coral.

The center turquoise accents the piece with vivid color, and also emphasizes the theme.

This stone, whose organic shape fits in with the swirling lines in the textured silver, is a gorgeous, top-quality, natural Morenci turquoise.

The stone’s typical brilliant blue glistens with a lacy pattern of pyrite matrix – “fool’s gold” – which is another characteristic of the finest of this beloved and beautiful turquoise.

The back of the piece is flat and the front of the pendant is domed, so it is hollow, and, therefore, more comfortable to wear.

This is a strikingly lovely piece of contemporary silver work, with a superb stone, by a noted artist who is always looking for new horizons – even below the surface.

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