Ocean Buckle with Turquoise


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She is a sister of Veronica Poblano, and former daughter-in-law of Ben and Felicita Eustace.

Tapping into her stellar genetic and relationship influences, this gifted lady produces wonderful jewelry, like this beautiful and unusual buckle.

Bright, clear blue turquoise, traditionally favored by the Zuni for its association with the sky and water, brightens textured, hammered and polished sterling silver.

First popular in the 1970’s, carved feather or leaf designs were often of silver.

The Eustaces pioneered carving turquoise, instead, as the artist has done, here.

Her carved turquoise stones are quite rounded in shape, so they also resemble seashells.

The hand-hammered, polished spiral that dominates the center of the buckle refers to the river of life, so the watery theme is echoed in these shell-like forms.

Irregular, rough shapes, like rocks, are placed around the turquoise stones.

The base of the piece is tufa-cast, so the natural texture of the darkened background resembles the sandy sea-bottom.

Every bit of this handsome buckle is hand fabricated, even the working parts on the back.

Go back to the future in this beautiful update of vintage technique, married to an original design, in a beautiful match.


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