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Nuggety Turquoise Choker


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Not quite vintage, but not new, either, this choker is a traditional beauty, and a traditional bargain, too!

Irregular slices of the beautiful blue turquoise line up to form a nugget-like ruff, continuing centuries of traditional lapidary work at this Pueblo.

Totally wearable, and so versatile, this iconic style will light up every complexion, and go with everything, alone, or stacked with compatible necklaces.

The turquoise is natural, but not naturally hard enough to slice and drill, so its pores were filled with polyurethane, as is done to gym floors, for example.

Now, the matching, but individually different, organically formed slices are ready to decorate your neck with their vivid blue color.

Wear a new version of age-old jewelry, in the brilliant hue of the New Mexico sky.

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Natural Shell, Stabilized Natural Turquoise


18" L