Nuggets and Beads Choker

Cheyenne Harris


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A contemporary master jeweler, Cheyenne Harris studied metal-smithing from Korean and Scandinavian masters, as well as Navajo mentors closer to home.

All these influences find resonance in her uniquely designed, technically challenging pieces.

Her work was included in the New York City museum show “Changing Hands: Art without Reservation, Contemporary Indian art of the Southwest”, which traveled across the country, several years ago.

Here, she has combined ageless tradition with her own, creative interpretation.

Graduated in size but left in natural, organic shapes, the natural turquoise nuggets are variegated, for visual interest, but all a lovely, gentle aqua in hue.

This part of the choker is almost totally traditional; the high polish, alone, marks the nuggets as modern.

The serene, but nubbly, turquoise is paired with silver beads, for contrast.

These perfectly formed, slightly flattened beads are textured on all sides, softening the contrast with the stones.

Similar, but different in form and sizes, the silver beads and natural nuggets complement each other, and are visually balanced.

Every detail is meticulously designed and fabricated.

Notice the impressively sturdy hook and eye of gracefully formed, handmade silver, and the ends wrapped in silver wire.

When worn, the turquoise takes center stage, with the beads glimmering a bit above the collar bone.

Like heishi, nugget necklaces amortize quickly, since you can throw this on tee-shirts, as well as suits, dresses and more.

Enjoy this splendid evocation of the past, created with contemporary vision and skill, by an internationally noted artist.

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