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This well-known jeweler, from Santo Domingo/Kewa and Laguna Pueblos, is famous for his fine inlay, often in chic, shimmering greys and black, as here.

Utterly simple, the slightly rounded, shimmering stones are set on a sterling silver base, narrowly framed by a edge of polished silver.

The two materials emit two different kinds of shine: the subtly glistening stone, and the bright gleam of the silver.

Natural variations of density, iridescence and sparks, in the stones, create shifting patterns and visual interest.

Charlie is known as a master of mosaic inlay. In these handsome earrings, the stones are solid, but just as flawlessly set.

Suitable for wear anytime, and anywhere in the world, these are classic earrings, with beautiful stones, and beautifully made, by hand, of course.

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3/4" L x 5/8" W


Norwegian Moonstone, Sterling Silver