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Norwegian Moonstone Earrings


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Now based in Santa Fe, Cheryl regularly shows her modern-traditional jewelry at Indian Market, and has devoted collectors all over the country, and beyond.

These elegantly slender earrings have a fairly traditional silver setting, but very non-traditional stones.

A medley of moody greys, with flashes of moonlit iridescence, the stones are aptly named Norwegian moonstones.

Somewhat akin to Labradorite, the dusky palette resembles a twilit sky filled with dark clouds, with flickers of moonlight breaking through here and there.

Slightly tapered, the stones and their simple silver surround, are adorned with little balls of silver at top and bottom.

Supported by French wires, these earrings are fascinating, as the light brings out random flares of silvery iridescence.

Sophisticated enough to wear out in the evening, they are tailored enough to go to work or to cozy up to cashmere sweaters, or other casual wear, too.

Traditional in workmanship also hinted at in the design, the unusual and beautiful stones are definitely of our time.

Happy wearing!

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Natural Norwegian Moonstone, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 5/8" W