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Northwest Coast Raven Racer


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This striking raven is a major symbol of Northwest Coast tribes, where ravens are especially revered in tribal lore.

The wings are beautifully carved and painted, with teal and turquoise designs on, and at the top.

Turquoise, against the black background of the raven, is very dramatic. A bird-like design in white accents the darker palette.

Raven’s face is painted in typical Northwest Coast designs; a carved, long, unpainted area on top, leading away from the head, suggests a feather.

If this is meant to be an eagle feather, then Matt has inserted a symbol of his own, Navajo, origin.

Dignified and colorful as the raven is, he is wearing high-tops, to match his plumage.

This definitely contradicts the solemn demeanor! He seems ready to race, with one foot already lifted.

A vibrant, meticulously executed piece of folk art – handsome in appearance, and fun, too!

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Painted Wood


9 3/8" L x 7" H x 3" deep