“Nizhoni (Beautiful)” Painting


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Roberta Begaye is a young but veteran artist, involved in large shows and grassroots community events across New Mexico and the Southwest. She is known for her bright colors, diverse subject matter, and support of other Native artists and the community around her.

According to Roberta, “Contemporarily Indigenous is how I describe my artwork; painting bold colors of medicine. A blending of my traditional upbringing with continued personal and professional growth in these modern times.”

This beautiful (literally – the painting’s title means beautiful in Dinè, her native language) painting shows a colorful hummingbird in flight. Hummingbirds are typically considered messengers, and in this case, the message might be as simple as enjoying, appreciating, and caring for the beauty we are so fortunate to have on all sides of us.

The colors used reflect the principle of balance, with the warm and cool colors speaking to the balance between water and earth, night and day.

The abstract background contains elements of almost mathematical precision, while somehow still leaving the illusion of empty space, enough for our beautiful winged friend to move freely as she races towards her destination…maybe she’ll make it to your wall!

A side note about Roberta and Compassion Uprising:

Roberta Begaye has been delivering food and necessary supplies to different parts of the Navajo Nation for months during this current health crisis. Her organization, Compassion Uprising, was established as a Covid19 relief campaign for elders and disadvantaged families in remote areas on the Navajo Reservation. It is a Native American Grassroots Organization that is funded by public donations. Feel free to reach out to Wright’s or Roberta if you wish to help them in their mission.

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